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Argus Monitor Crack

Argus Monitor Crack is a powerful software solution known for its comprehensive monitoring and optimization capabilities for PCs. It has gained recognition among PC enthusiasts, system administrators, and gamers due to its advanced features and user-friendly interface. Let’s explore its key features, benefits, and innovations.

One of the standout features of Argus Monitor is its real-time monitoring and display of vital system information. It provides detailed insights into temperature, fan speeds, voltages, and power consumption, keeping users informed about their PC’s health. This allows proactive measures to prevent hardware failures and overheating.

Proactive Optimization:

Argus Monitor goes beyond monitoring and offers proactive optimization. It includes a comprehensive fan control system that allows users to customize fan curves and speeds for optimal cooling. This balances noise reduction and efficient cooling, prolonging component lifespan while maintaining a comfortable working environment.

The software provides extensive support for monitoring hard drives and SSDs by analyzing S.M.A.R.T. data. It offers insights into health, performance, and potential failures, enabling users to address issues like bad sectors and temperature spikes. This safeguards data and prevents unexpected downtime.

Monitoring and Optimization:

Argus Monitor excels in monitoring and optimizing power consumption. It measures individual components and overall system power usage, helping users identify power-hungry devices and inefficient configurations. Fine-tuning power settings and identifying energy-consuming components optimize PCs for energy efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Gamers and overclocking enthusiasts benefit from Argus Monitor’s tailored features. It monitors GPU temperatures, clock speeds, and utilization for optimal gaming performance. Customizable alarms alert users to temperature exceedances, preventing performance degradation and system instability caused by overheating.

Logging and Reporting:

The software boasts comprehensive logging and reporting capabilities. It generates detailed reports on system status, hardware usage, and temperature trends. This aids system administrators and users in troubleshooting performance issues and conducting long-term hardware monitoring. Exporting and sharing logs facilitate collaboration and provide a historical system behavior record.

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Key Features:

  • Real-time hardware monitoring: Argus Monitor offers live tracking of crucial system data like temperatures, fan speeds, voltages, and power usage.
  • Customizable fan control: Optimize fan performance by adjusting curves and speeds for efficient cooling and reduced noise levels.
  • S.M.A.R.T. analysis: Gain insights into the health, performance, and potential failures of hard drives and SSDs through S.M.A.R.T. data analysis.
  • Power consumption monitoring: Identify energy-consuming devices and optimize power settings at both the component and system level.
  • GPU monitoring: Ensure optimal gaming and overclocking performance by monitoring GPU temperatures, clock speeds, and utilization.
  • Temperature alerts: Receive customizable notifications when temperatures surpass predefined thresholds.
  • Energy efficiency optimization: Fine-tune power settings and identify power-hungry components to optimize PC energy efficiency.
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting: Generate detailed reports on system status, hardware usage, temperature trends, and more for troubleshooting and long-term monitoring.
  • User-friendly interface: Argus Monitor presents data in an organized manner with intuitive graphs, charts, and customizable dashboards.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities: Access real-time system information and receive notifications on mobile devices through the Argus Remote Monitoring app.
  • Overheating prevention: Prevent performance degradation and system instability caused by overheating with temperature monitoring and fan control.

What’s New?

  • CPU performance monitoring: Monitor CPU usage, temperatures, and clock speeds to gain insights and optimize CPU performance.
  • System stability analysis: Identify potential system stability issues by monitoring voltages, temperatures, and other vital parameters.
  • Auto-start with Windows: Configure Argus Monitor to start automatically with Windows for continuous monitoring and optimization.
  • Hard drive health prediction: Proactively replace drives and prevent data loss by predicting potential hard drive failures through S.M.A.R.T. data analysis.
  • Network monitoring: Monitor network usage, bandwidth consumption, and network performance for enhanced awareness.


Remote monitoring is made convenient with the Argus Remote Monitoring app. Users can access real-time system information and receive notifications on their mobile devices. This feature proves beneficial for remote PC monitoring and system administrators overseeing multiple machines.

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